The goal of Life Teen is simple: to lead teens closer to Christ. Unfortunately, as we look around our society and culture, we continue to see a de-emphasis on the need for a relationship with our Lord. Through healthy Christ-centered relationships, relevant teachings, and prayer we hope to provide a space for the youth in our community to experience the immeasurable love Jesus has for them, and how to live as a missionary disciple in our world.  


Life Teen is open to all high school aged youth. High School Youth whether memebers of the OLMM community or not; whether Catholic or Christian; whether believing or non-believing; are welcome to attend. '


WHEN: 2nd & 4th Sundays of Each Month

TIME: 12:00-1:30PM


Other Important Info: We fundamentally believe in the importance of “breaking bread” with one another to help build fellowship, so each Life Teen gathering will include time for a meal.

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