We are excited that you are interested in officially registering as a parishioner here at OLMM! By registering with the parish, we hope that it brings about a greater sense of belonging and identity in our parish community. The OLMM parish community is made better by your commitment and desire to join the parish. We will continue to strive to minister to the best of our ability to all our parishioners as best as possible. We also hope, that by joinging the parish, each of our parishioners aspire to give of their time, talent, or treasure to continue to build up the parish community. 


If you wish to join the OLMM community, you may register by filling out the online form below or by printing out the read-only form and giving it to the Parish Office.You may also create an online account with the Parish, so that you can keep your family and contact information up to do date, please download the "How To Create an Online Account" document.