Word on Fire's "The Creed"

Recent decades have witnessed a surge of the religiously unaffiliated, especially among young people. Many former believers have simply turned their backs on Christianity and no longer accept its teachings. But what are those teachings? And are they the same as what so many people reject?


In "The Creed", a new film series blending both documentary footage and dynamic talks, Bishop Robert Barron guides viewers into the depths of the Nicene Creed, a fourth-century statement of faith that has profoundly influenced both Eastern and Western spirituality, theology, and liturgy.


"The Creed" will help you rediscover the great intellectual and spiritual depths of Christian doctrine and reclaim the unity, clarity, and conviction of the Christian faith.


We will be offering this film series on Friday Evenings beginning September 17th  via FlockNote. This will be offered exclusively to the members of the Word on Fire Engage Group. This is a deep dive into the Nicene Creed.  In this series, Bishop Barron continues to provide us with his intellectual and spiritual teachings as part of his Word on Fire Ministry.


To join the Word on Fire Engage Group and Participate in the "The Creed"…

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